Essay: Madness in the Family

Sample Essay “Madness in the Family” is supposed to be the first book that presented a resourceful study of the structure and role of families and psychosis. The book mainly encompasses the specified study of the relationship among the European families and the colonial hospitals for the people suffering from mental disorders in Australia and New Zealand from the period of 1860 to 1914. As a matter of fact mental ailments are always regarded as a severe consequence of psychological traumas and sickness. contemporary societies  are quite much refined and prudent in handling mentally ill people; this mental disorder can be both genetically transmitted as well as conditionally acquired (Coleborne, 2010). But the modern medicine and health culture of the contemporary societies is playing an efficient part for the rehabilitation of mentally ill and insane people. Medical and health methodologies were regarded as crude and inefficient in dealing with mentally ill and insane people but Catharine Coleborne irrespective of these studies forms a point that mental asylums were to a great extent fulfilling the job of securing and rehabilitating the insane, as per the available technology and research at that time.
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