Essay: Comparison of individual versus group efforts

Sample Essay The debate over the comparison of individual versus group efforts has long been a subject of human interest. The psychologist and the organizations at large are operating to achieve their targets by relying on the abilities of their employees both individually as well as collectively. But once we look over the great achievements of history the fact might seem obvious that the great achievements are an outcome of individual efforts, this fact is particularly applicable to poets and painters- who generate masterpieces by working individually. But this doesn’t subjugate the importance of groups, because when we are concerned with the effective achievement of organizational goals, we are on the verge of intense competition and accomplishment of complex tasks. Under such a situation, the only way out for an organization is the great groups. There are a few myths regarding the leadership of the great groups, the most eminent purpose the great groups serve are powerful leadership, an inspiring mission statement and before all, a set of great men with their relevant expertise to strive for a common shared purpose, manage conflicts, and in turn are ready to pay the price for the attainment of the task at hand (Bennis, 1997). One of the most important aspects is their ability to manage conflict because when we talk about great groups we are bound to admit the fact that the strong leadership has democratically resolved the conflict to maintain the balance of the group rather than being autocratic.
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