Essay: German Occupation

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The rangers from the second battalion were later taken to the Huertgen and went to the Brandenburg region that was entirely occupied by the Germans. They were further moved to the outskirts of Beigstern after Rudder raised complaints about them being misused. Orders from officials from the headquarters required them to capture Hill 400 that was also referred to as the Castle Hill.

The German forces that were on this hill fought back with equal strength and this resulted in to very many losses.  On December 9th, the rangers were relieved of this although the battle still went on. They still did not rest for long as they were sent as defendants in the battle of Bulge. They were left in this position until finally, in Mid January, the other troops entered Germany offensive. Later on in February, the Forces from America assaulted for the final time the Huertgen forest. After the Schwammenauel Dam was captured, this battle ended. As a result, the Germans retreated and this meant that they could not food the forest any more. After tirelessly fighting in this invasion, the Second Ranger Battalion was broken down and inactivated in October, 1945. This took place in Virginia at the Patrick Henry Camp.

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