Essay: The way the U.S funds the Israeli economy

The way the U.S funds the Israeli economy

The way the U.S. funds the Israeli economy comes in the form of Food for Peace aid, Export-Import Bank Loans, and general economic loans. Furthermore, the military loans became accessible to Israelis as of 1967. Israel gets about $ 3 billion in economic and military grants on top of the over five hundred dollars on the off-budget. The special treatment for Israelis is seen in the way the U.S. funds the Israeli economy. As opposed to other beneficiaries of the US who get money for specific purposes – for instance, buying of US products or agricultural excesses – the funds to Israel go directly to the government’s coffers (Zunes, n.d). Another exception of Israeli is that while the US funds in other countries are monitored by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) officials through non-governmental organizations or directly, the funds to Israel are simply transferred to the government. Besides, a fraction of the US loans to Israelis were forgiven by Congress. The generosity of the US to Israel is further observed in a situation where Congress gives too much money to Israel that it has to go back and borrow the same money. Through the transaction, Israelis ended up getting the interest. All these benefits enjoyed by Israel are a direct function of the US trying to cultivate good relations.
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