Essay: Designing the web content

Sample Essay Designing the web content is the most difficult part of a web traffic plan. It is similar to adding a taste in an edible product. The site design directly relates to users’ choice and individual preferences. Information Technology (IT) services have a great focus on site architecture which the web designers perceives as similar as the users’ mental model. However, user satisfaction of web content is a by product of different elements in site architecture. To achieve and ensure users’ satisfaction, web designers must consider that the offered elements or contents on a given web page are aligned with both physiological and psychological factors pertaining to users. Making the most convincing and attractive web content for users require web designers to take many challenges. Ever since the web has become a business platform in terms of advertisements and promotions, it became a major challenge for web designers to focus and retain a diverse group of e-customers as key forces behind the success of a website (Stangl 2010). Keeping in view our preceding debate on visual contents, the article by Brigitte Stangl from the European journal of research (2010), the study that discusses the communication modes, argues that for ‘Verbalizers’ the web content gain more weight than ‘Visualizers’ who focus more on design.
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