Essay: Chinese Civilization

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Chinese civilization depended on irrigated farming and trading with others, and trade routes existed between it and other civilizations, such as the Mesopotamian,Indusand Swahili.

The city of Harappa was also a major trading centre. Despite being a conservative society resistant to trade, its crafts and seals have been found in distant lands and objects from other countries, such as semiprecious stones like lapis lazuli have been unearthed at the Indus sites.

Writing and political thought were two areas where the Chinese civilization had a big impact on other people. Linguistic scholars have also researched similarities between the Indusand Chinese language and script and have found a close association. Although the origins and progress of the Chinese language was well known, that of the Induswas obscure, and it was considered undecipherable. Professor Sheldon Gosline, director of the Hieratic Font Project, at a Chinese university compared Harappan and ancient Chinese manuscripts and declared them to be ‘sister or daughter languages’  This was because the script of both was strikingly similar, and the pattern of pictograms and writing underneath showed a prominent link between the two cultures. Even though the materials used were different—writing on seals was popular in theIndus and the Chinese started writing on bones, the graphical outcome suggests a strong influence of one on the other.

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