Research Paper On Neoconservatism

This paper has successfully expatiated what neo-conservatism is, given examples and even gone ahead to explain how it came about. One is able to get why the world is moving in different motions as people struggle to have power by all means. More has been said on why the neo-conservatism came to be prominent and the suspected loopholes for it to fail.

United States of America has a lot to do just to prove that its can hold as a super power and not just seat back, hit other poor nations with the excuse of terror suspicion and still expect to hold hands with other nations. In totality, the paper has also seen the two major causes for rising of the Neo-conservatism to stardom after the end of communism that United States of America successfully defeated. The two are the influence of Zionist brothers or Jews who are considered very powerful in terms of resources and dominance in American politics and leadership. This aspect needs to be understood that war to maintain supremacy of the Jews over Arabs is the key element that have lead to its domination and strong will to be sustained.  Secondly, the element of religion comes integrated with its power to influence political decision.

In addition one may now be able to balance aspects of the world which come as a result of both religion and secular life; it’s a great challenge to hear the fact that it is possible for one to actually balance the religious, the secular and the scientific aspects and live in harmony without wars. This is because many people die and others suffering both injuries in places like Afghanistan and Iraq.

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