Essay: The purpose of the social initiative

Sample Essay The indicated purpose of the social initiative was to develop a defined social construct with a cohesive outcome based on the comprehensive contribution of each individual within the culture of the decision-makers and policy developers. The established, counterproductive culture of the social initiative contrasting “irrational” processes” and its established, counterproductive culture consequentially elicited a “group think” precept that depended on the contribution of each participant’s individual culture. This “group think” precept called for a necessary cultural collaboration of individual contributions and perspectives, to guide and develop a finalized remedy for the “irrational” process.  This remedy was necessary to adhere to the overall purpose of constructing a social initiative despite contrasting conflicts. The conflict has its foundation in the emotions of the individual and the emotions of the institutional structures that facilitate and regulate interactions between various individuals’ thoughts and behaviors.

Conflicting culture

Culture, as considered by the identified theorists, elicits collective thoughts, behaviors, and “processes” that may often promote the denigration of any personal identity or any institution. Moreover, a conflicting culture may encourage “strategic interactions” which influence counterproductive social interactions or even cause meaningless “outcomes” of purposeful collaborations. The article’s correlating social initiative began as a greater, ideological social construct. Additionally, by acknowledging and overindulging in conflict, the culture ignored and denigrated this ideological social construct by adhering to the process of “strategic interaction.” According to the overall culture of the construct, “strategic interaction” was encouraged, promoting the “irrational processes” or meaningless outcomes that erupted from a concentration on the distrust, suspiciousness, and anger of each individual and the contributing culture of these individuals.
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