Essay: The use of Technological Advancements

Sample Essay

The use of technological advancements is key for any professional. Establishment of a high-throughput laboratory therefore needs a very strong data networking system to enable swift and faster handling of laboratory information. A well-trained workforce on bioterrorism microorganisms is necessary. This will enable professionals in this field to detect pathogens in a very efficient manner and thus facilitate fight against these weapons. Such laboratories will require a well-coordinated staff thus it will be of greater interest to have the best coordinating team since matters handled are very sensitive.

Background knowledge on crime is also vital for operation of such laboratories. Powerful and the most efficient machines will facilitate functionality of such a laboratory since accurate relevant information will be availed. Both diagnostic and forensic ability of such laboratories is mandatory. This will enable professionals to know specifically the kind of microorganisms they are dealing with, the way to handle them and eventually mitigate on the potential danger posed such as spreading. Public health departments is a must include discipline in ensuring that such laboratories are hyper performing. Assessment of parameters such as optimum biological conditions for spreading and other biological phenomena on specific pathogens will be available and this will by far enhance effectiveness of such laboratories. Emergency of certain incidence is will only be well taken care of in presence of close and continued surveillance. Therefore, professional monitoring agencies will ensure efficient performance of such high-throughput laboratories.

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