Essay: The ranger battalions

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Thesis statement: If it wasn’t for the Ranger Battalions, the invasion of Normandy and D-Day would have failed.


The ranger battalions were established at the beginning of the Second World War and they were required to have the same training like that of the British commandos that had played a critical role during the guerilla war. Truscott was given the responsibility of providing training to this group of armies[1].

He decided that they should be distinguished from the rest of the commandos and that’s when he came up with the name rangers for them. This choice was inspired by the infamous Rogers ranges of the French who fought relentlessly during the Indian war in 1956. Truscott aspired to drill the rangers to have excellent fighting skills just like Rogers rangers. In addition, he aspired to make the rangers very courageous by giving them the viable skills.

The second and the fifth ranger battalions played an instrumental role in making the invasion of the Normandy and the D-Day successful. These rangers, after having undergone intensive training at Tennessee, had the skills to effectively fight and this made them conquer the Germans. The battalion constituted the army that fought relentlessly during this invasion and ensured that the US got the victory that it deserved. Despite meeting various challenges that stemmed from the weather, the death of some of their members and inappropriate communication, they utilized the resources they had and came out successfully[2]. It is in this regard that this paper analyses the role of the two battalions in making the invasions successful.

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