Essay: Outback Steakhouse selection process

Evaluate Outback’s selection process including the order of selection methods such that applicants first complete an application, then complete tests, and then participate in interviews.

Any selection process should first entail the analysis of the job; this reveals the duties and responsibilities of the job Roe (2010). It is followed by the determination of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Having acquired the knowledge the next step is the identification of the selection methods like reference check, interviews, cognitive, personality, and aptitude, and drug tests. They then assess the reliability and validity of the selection process and finally use the selection process to recruit the applicants Kleiman (2006).

Looking at outback’s case, the first step should be the job analysis which should reveal to them the needs. They then seek the knowledge and skills required. This is not so for outback they begin their selection process with benefits and responsibilities of working in the organization. They then issue a document that shows the employee the expected behavior and the vision of the organization. After this those that feel they can move forward with the interview are given an application form to fill. It is at a later stage do they assess the abilities, knowledge, and skills.

Those who sail through, are then interviewed. These interviews realize the orientation to the student in terms of culture, hospitality, teamwork, and the ability to think on the move. This process has greatly assisted the management of outback to get the best employees for their vacancy positions.

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