Essay: Lack of ownership

Sample Essay

Lack of proper ownership of guidelines, strategies and agreements among partners in the hotel industry in Nigeria has continued to negatively impact on the overall performance of the hotels in the West African country leading to the continued degradation of industry. In England, the public has some shares in most of the hotels. The high level of transparency in England compared to in Nigeria, have contributed to the excellent standards of high class hotel in Nigeria and the high quality leadership styles in the country.

Even though, most Nigerian high performing hotels are privately owned, there performance remains to be of high class. It is evident that the good management of hotels in some of the high class hotels in Nigeria could be attributed to the foreign ownership. Hotels such as the Serena Hotel and Hilton hotel in Nigeria have the major management in other foreign based countries. Such hotels, which have their head offices in European countries normally perform much better due to the high standards that are enhance due to the need for the management to enhance their reputation all over the world. The management is at times rotational as managers are shifted from one country to the other. Such ownership and management strategies of hotels have lead to some of Nigeria’s hotels performing much better in the industry.

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