Essay: ‘Granny’ panties-Briefs

Sample Essay

Let us start with the ‘granny’ panties which derived their name from the short form of grandmother. Well, we do not have to feel shy about it those who have them and are not grandmothers yet.

The name just came about because it has consistently been used by old women or those who are conservative. In 1940s as afore mentioned the advertisements were based on comfort of the wearer.  In addition to that the most popular material was cotton and so the producers made large panties that covered the entire buttock surface area and extended to the navel. If I may have a volunteer to feel the material of these ‘granny’ panties then she would attest to the comfort am speaking of (speaker to point choose and hold out the pant to the volunteer). The rest of you can only be witnesses to the large size it depicts. One disadvantage of these panties is that they have a heavy hem which shows on sheer clothes. This is not an appealing sight especially for those who crave for sensuality. The old women crave for comfort so this is their best option but for young women who insist on comfort and sensuality at the same time may opt for bikini panties. According to the law of inverse price law of panties, the lesser material the producers use, the more its selling price will be. A pair of granny panties can cost $3 for a packet consisting of three panties while one thong may cost $50. The following may be observed in the Victoria Secret’s website.

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