Essay: Experimenting New Behaviors

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Martin and Marcel (2008) show that the group therapies conducted by Yalom are characterized by intense interactions, new ideas and experimentation. The members within the group are often encouraged to keep a record and provide a feedback as they experiment new behaviors.

Yalom further indicates that change within the group is influenced by catharsis and unity and therefore he urges the therapists to perceive this knowledge as fundamental for desirable effect. He argues that when the members of the group explore their feelings to the fullest and find relief for the same, they are usually motivated to adopt change and mend unacceptable behaviors that have detrimental effects to their wellbeing. When the individual in this case perceives the group as an important aspect and finds it attractive, s/he changes and conforms in order to suit within the group. In this effect, Yalom indicates that for a group to achieve cohesiveness, it is important that its members find it important to their wellbeing.

From the review, it is noteworthy that two theorists provided important knowledge through their independent perspectives of the group dynamics. Their propositions are important in the psychoanalysis of the drug addicts due to the fact that they provide the basics of group dynamics. Indeed their exploration of the nature of the group from the psychological point of view is vital for the psychologists that employ the same during recovery. Moreover, by highlighting the ways in which to manage the patients in group contexts in order to attain optimal results, it can be concluded that the psychologists contributed significantly to this body of knowledge.

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