Essay: Evil Rituals

Sample Essay – Evil Rituals

The staff that the serpent gave Goodman was the major cause that gave Goodman a vivid view of what really happened in the evil world where people met for evil rituals. This Goodman learned that blood liquid was used to baptize the converts. Previously, he thought that the lurid light’s reflection made the water appear red. The minister and Deacon Gookin were riding on their horses going for the ceremony.

Goodman overheard the minister insisting that he would rather miss his usual church communion than this ceremony. This indicated to Goodman that the two adored the ceremony more than the church did. This made Goodman start doubting if the heavens still existed. He saw his wife approaching the altar. He called out her name loudly, but all he heard were echoes from the trees.

She, too, had been brought to this place as a new convert. Goodman did not want to go to the altar when the new converts were summoned, but he found himself there.

The text says that a force beyond his control pushed him to the altar. He thought that it was his dead father urging him to go to the altar. He noticed that even his catechist teacher was in the gathering with another woman named Martha Carrier, who had been promised to be made the ‘queen of hell’.

The converts were welcomed by a dark figure who referred to them as his children. Goodman tried to tell Faith to look up to the heavens and resist the devil, but he wasn’t sure if she had heard him.

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