Essay: Effects of Biometrics on the application process

Sample Essay

Biometrics information are a 10 digit finger scan well as eye scanning through digital photography that is used to detect fraud and foul play in the visa application process (Genevieve,1997). It a condition that everybody applying for visa in the UK to provide biometric data which you get from a visa application centre where finger scan , digital photograph help to access biological information  and differentiates an applicant from any other person.

When getting this biometric data for instance a digital photograph, one is not supposed to decorate them with stuffs like henna or have other cuttings on their body. In addition, the applicant should not have sunglasses while taking the photography (Peter1997).This is to ensure that whatever that is captured comes out clearly and reflects the true picture of the applicants to avoid illegibility.

            The effect of biometrics aims at checking against insecurity threats and identity theft (Genevieve, 1997). This results in the mobility factor simply because; many Americans find themselves moving here and there. Identity theft is done organized groups with in the long run may undermine the national economies of the UK. Therefore, the UK immigration department uses biometrics to protect the integrity of its visa system. In this light, biometrics are gathered at the offices of the British immigration offices and embassies to serve as the standard measure of anti identity theft on all the passports given. Once collected, the biometric data is stored in British central database in the UK to facilitate the proper protection of individual identity (Genevieve, 1997).

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