What is an APA References Page

The APA reference page’s basic and straightforward goal is to guarantee that the reader can find and recover the sources referenced in the work.

Because sources come in all forms and sizes, the APA provides page layout requirements for several types of publications that must be credited.

We’re confident you’ve come across at least one APA references page when reading the concluding section of research work online.

What is an APA References Page

The reference page, which is usually at the conclusion of the work, provides all of the information needed to identify and obtain all of the outside sources cited in the paper. Outside sources that you summarised, paraphrased and cited should be mentioned in your reference list.

Author, date, title, and source are the four essential aspects of citations on a reference page.

For a medium-sized research project, the References page must include all of your sources alphabetically and may contain up to 20 items. The journal’s name is italicized to emphasize the significance of the source. It’s followed by the volume of the journal and the number of pages that have been cited.

Next Step

Before turning to different sections of our guide to learn how to write a research paper in APA format, it’s important to note that if you’re using a Word processor or Google Docs as your writing source, you’ll need to create a special page layout and the relevant headers that will be discussed in our APA guide.

While you may discover APA style templates online, they are not always precise, which is why you should double-check everything by paying attention to typefaces, headers, margins, indents, and other crucial details!

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