Research Paper on Ethical Code of Conduct

Ethical Code of Conduct

The ethical code of conduct sets benchmarks for individuals around the globe for professionals it assists these individuals by keeping them informed about the principles and standards that will guide them to work for the benefit of society.

Code of Conduct

According to guidelines that have been started under the code of conduct; the interests of the clients are the most significant priority of the professionals. Their main objective is to ensure to protect the interest of their clients.

They should act with respect and integrity towards others, it defines the responsibility that companies have towards their employees, customers, and other stakeholders, and it provides guidance for the conduct of business and its behavior.

The company is liable to inform its workers about the values of the organization and the responsibility they have towards fulfilling the needs of society and its well-being. The code of conduct tends to determine the behavior of the business and its employees towards its customers and other stakeholders to act with honesty and integrity.

 Employees are not only responsible for treating others with respect but should communicate with each other also with respect and dignity.

This code of conduct is fundamental for businesses in determining how they should do the business and reinforce them to maintain the reputation of the company in the society by abiding by the laws that have been set by the ethical values and norms.

Employees are accountable for resolving any problems that may arise with their supervisors if they find someone violating these laws and ethical values they are responsible for reporting it to their managers or the supervisors for getting advice on ethics-related issues through the code of conduct.

It is not only the employees who have the responsibility to align their behavior with the values and norms of the code of conduct however the code of conduct also depicts what is the responsibility of the companies towards its employees and the various stakeholders.

The company should ensure a safe working environment and conditions for its employees to motivate them to work harder towards achieving the business goals and meeting the ethical standards. They are responsible for observing sensible environmental practices. Along with maintaining internal business ethics the code of conduct defines the rules and standards that are to be set to carry out the business activities externally.

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