Essay on Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership

Servant leadership requires specific characteristics that are often embraced naturally by most individuals. In other words, servant leadership requires a variety of natural tendencies of an individual that can be improved through efficacious learning and practice. A philosophical difference exists between servant traditional leadership and servant leadership. He believes that the servant leaders are a servant first before becoming a leader.

Essay on Servant Leadership

According to him, servant leaders prioritize others’ needs first. Their primary goal is to focus on the needs of others in order to stimulate the development and performance of others with maximum effort. In addition to it, Spears identifies a set of 10 crucial characteristics that he believes that servant leaders possess. According to him, these characteristics are exceptionally critical and essential for the development of servant leadership traits. However, these characteristics include listening to others issues, understanding for others, showing creativeness for others, awareness of others’ needs, the conceptualization of the circumstances, the foresight to anticipate expected issues, stewardship to provide protection to others, commitment and dedication to ensure the growth of others as well as building a community-based culture.

The five most commonly evidenced behaviors of servant leaders. According to him, a true servant leader is one that shows humbleness to others and reviews the issues from the other’s point of view. He believes that servant leaders are good listeners and providing coaching to the follow by arousing their interest as well as by showing true care about the team members. According to him, the intention of the servant leaders is to make the people feel important as well as to integrate the moral ground in the teamwork by standing for the sake of the teams’ interest. Additionally, Corn believes that servant leaders focus on maintaining harmony in the team by asking for advice as well as the opinions of the team members.

 However, that vision will be shared with the employees to prioritize them over the leader. Servant leadership is all about ensuring ethics and values. Ethical behavior is essential for servant leadership. However, it is should be examined that what ethical behavior means to them. In addition, the servant leader must have a true desire to create positive change in oneself in order to ensure the integration of servant leadership at the institutional level. The servant leaders provide freedom to their followers to make mistakes as well as accepting those mistakes for being confident about their strengths and weaknesses

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