Essay: The Pearl River Delta

With the Pearl River Delta bordering it on one side and the South China Sea on the other side, Hong Kong is synonymous with being a city of bright lights and a vibrant nightlife (Census and Statistics Department, 2010). However, this is not all this Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China has that is exceptional. The region has a deep natural harbor that makes it convenient for importing and exporting the goods needed by its populace.

Hong Kong has a rich and full history in that it underwent British colonization, before it was handed over to the Japanese at the end of the Second World War (Bradsher, 2005). However, Britain took over from then until 1997, when it ceded Hong Kong back to China (Tsang, 2007). This makes Hong Kong a special place, in that the British influence is still prevalent until now where the region is a fascinating mix of East and West. This fact and many of its natural sights have made it a hot tourist destination site.

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