Essay: Independent Variables

Sample Essay

Independent variables are the ones that determine the chances of a person engaging in this habit. Under this category, one of them is the age of the user. This is because of the fact that the age of the user of the does not depend on any other variable. Addiction is independent since the drug is highly addictive.

The feeling that brings to the user after he or she has taken the drug encourages the person to try again. The age of a person does not determine whether that person will become addicted (Do You Know… Methamphetamine 2008).

The main concept is the environment one is growing up in. the environment of anybody can determine whether the said person is going to engage in certain habits. There are increased chances of a person engaging in drug abuse if the community he or she is living is known to have many users. This aspect is dependent because a person has the chance of choosing where to live. Reasons behind why the abuser started the habit are also dependent. It is imperative to note that it is very difficult for one to start using a drug if he or she is not introduced by a friend.

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