Essay: Anticipatory Set

Sample Essay Anticipatory sets are highly important in order to engage the students from the very start of the session along with conducting the needs assessment (Billings & Halstead, 2009). Following activities would be performed in the anticipatory set: Students would be told about the topics to be covered in the lesson and a comprehensive list of topics and sub-topics of the lesson would be provided to all the students.
  1. After the introduction of the topic, students would be asked to share their knowledge regarding the topic.
  2. General questions related to the topic would be asked and students would be encouraged to answer the questions in accordance with their knowledge.
  3. Students would be appreciated for their response and the lesson would commence in accordance with the determined line-up of topics.
Effective Closure of the Lesson After the completion of the determined line-up of topics and the practical activities, the lesson would be closed in such a manner that ensures the fulfillment of the learning objectives. Students would be asked questions regarding the lesson and they would be asked whether they understand the application of the concepts in practical scenarios from the simulation activities performed. This would help ensure the effective closure of the lesson.
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