Essay: Decision Making Matrix

Sample Essay – Decision Making Matrix

Some of the decision making matrix used in International Power Developer involve rational decision-making models. These models have a logical, sensible, and rational approach to making decisions. The models involve a cognitive process whereby a number of alternatives have to be considered and the best alternative which is assumed to have the best end results is chosen. Some of the models used in International Power Developer are the Bounded Rational Decision-Making Models and an example of such model is Vroom- Jago Decision Model.

Decision Making Matrix

The techniques and the tools used in decision-making are used hand in hand or rather at the same time. The different types of tools and techniques are used depending on the complexity of the decision being made in International Power Developer; this is because the techniques and the tools fit appropriately in different situations. For the success of this firm, the techniques and the tools used in the decision-making process must be critically evaluated by the management before any decision is made, this is of paramount importance to facilitate the making of the correct decisions.
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