Types of Essay Writing

There is a wide range of types of essay writing, each with its own purpose. Let’s take a look at ten of the most prevalent varieties and learn more about them.

Types of Essay Writing

Application Essay

This is one of the most crucial forms of essays. When applying to a college or university, you must submit it. You will be approved or denied based on how well you write 

Argumentative Essay

This form of writing requires you to pick a side and prove why it is correct, as well as consider and rebut any counter-arguments. All four elements must be completed; else, your essay will not obtain a good grade. The goal is to persuade your audience to agree with you, even if they are suspicious at first, by providing as many facts as possible.

Comparison and contrast essay

You’ll need at least two subjects for this style of essay. It might be art, stories from literature, or anything else that can be compared. Determine the similarities and differences between the two. Examine them and describe how they vary as well as what they have in common.

Descriptive essay

You must describe a notion or an event of this type. There is no need for analysis or personal input: you are simply delivering an impartial, impersonal description of something.

Essay on cause and effect

You must describe what occurred, why it occurred, and how it occurred. Identify phenomena first.

Expository essay

A critical thinking essay is another name for this type of paper. Here, you’ll conduct research and then analyze the information you’ve gathered before coming to a decision based on your findings.

Narrative Essay

This is the type that is the most inventive. You tell a story about a real or imagined situation. The purpose is to show how something significant happened and consider it on an emotional level, rather than providing facts, by conveying feelings and sensations.

Persuasive Essay

It’s comparable to the argumentative kind, although it’s a little more straightforward. You are not required to debate the opposing viewpoint here, but you may do so if you like. In persuasive essays, you must pick a side and show why it is correct. Specific facts are useful, but you may also want to appeal to your audience’s emotions. Persuasive essays can be compared to argumentative essays in terms of tone.

Process Essay

In addition, this paper is impersonal and objective. You just describe how something is done step by step in chronological order with it. 

Review Essay

You should choose something to evaluate, such as an article, book, speech, or movie. This assessment should be thorough. Facts, not personal sentiments, should be used to make an accurate and logical judgement.

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