Major Depressive Disorder Essay

Major Depressive Disorder Essay Major depressive disorder is a very serious mental illness. It is also called clinical depression. It affects all the major aspects of life. It paralyzes a person’s ability to function normally in daily life. A person with this disorder has prolonged sadness and low mood. Some people compare this form of depression to everyday stress-related situations. In reality, major depressive disorder is far more serious than the common form of depression and it cannot be overcome by just having leisure time or diverting the mind of an affected person.

Major Depressive Disorder Essay

It requires psychiatric intervention by a professional a person having a consistently low mood for more than two weeks is highly likely to be suffering from major depression. Immediate treatment is very important to control the symptoms of the disease. Any negligence and late medical treatment can lead to the severity of the disease and can worsen the symptoms of an affected person. In this article, we will further discuss major depression and how it can be treated effectively. Please continue reading to find more information.

The symptoms and causes of Clinical Depression

Anyone having a family history of mental illnesses is highly likely to get affected by major depression at some point in life. It just needs a trigger situation to affect a person with a family history of mental illnesses. In the case of death, a loved one or a bad social environment, abusive childhood, and bullying in adolescence are the major causes of triggering depression. Women also suffer from postpartum depression after the delivery of the baby. Major depression also comprises seasonal affective depression. Symptoms of depression include low and irritable mood for more than two weeks, lack of interest in activities once enjoyed by a person, withdrawal from all the activities, insomnia or excessive sleeping, low self-esteem, shattered self-confidence, worthlessness, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts and isolation from the society. If these symptoms persist immediate treatment should be sought before the condition of the patient worsens.


Depression has no cure and a person who is affected by the illness has to be on medication for a lifetime. It has no cure but it can be managed through medication and psychotherapy. Once a patient becomes stable and shows improvement he needs to have regular psychotherapy sessions with a clinical psychologist to restore confidence and self-esteem.

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