Essay: Theoretical Explanation of Rape Crime

Sample Essay

Theoretical explanation of rape crime is as a result of ongoing influence of the morality and punishment paradigm. Most theories that explain rape crime in a social context are based on question of punishment and morality (Ellis1, 989, p. 162). Evidently, it is a common knowledge that morality and punishment are fundamental principles of society. Siegel, (2006) offers an inclusive theoretical explanation of rape crime in a unified Trait Theory in criminology arena.

Trait Theory and Rape crime

This theory has its foundation on the premise that rape criminals have social or physical or mental traits that make them different or abnormal from the rest of population in the society. These abnormal behaviors or traits are causal of the risk factors (Amir, 1971, p.201) for crime of rape. In this regard, individuals develop mental or physical traits at birth or soon thereafter that affect their social functioning over the life course and their behavior choices. However, these behaviors produced and choices for individuals are influenced and facilitated by physical, environmental, and social conditions. Trait theory concentrates on two distinct theories of Biological Trait Theories and Psychological Trait Theories.

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