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Mob psychology

This traditional connotation of mob psychology needs some improvement in that crowds can be turned into opportunities of peace and security. Therefore, policing can turn crowds into more responsible crowds and with fewer inclinations to criminal activities. In other words, the policing administered to them can be rephrased such that it becomes a society characterized by self-policed crowds.

In this regard, no much police force will be needed to quell the crowds since they already identify with the policing programs and structures. For example, crowds take the initiative in fostering public safety and in such organizations there can be no breeding of criminals. By analogy, community policing is like draining water from a fish pond rendering the life of the fish therein impossible. In this case, fish represent the criminals hiding in the crowds.

In this regard, such knowledge-based crowd policing becomes a guide in making crowd events prospects of civil obedience and not civil disobedience, therefore, reducing intractable conflicts between the police and groups within the society. This radical expression of community policing is captured in the idea of a co-production of safe communities (Bazemore & Griffiths 2003), involving a significant shift in power from the police to community groups in safety enterprises (Barley 1994).

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