Essay: Applying Nursing Principles

The values of nursing principles and practice define what anyone, from nursing staff to patients, should expect from nursing.

Principle A 

In this principle, nurses and nursing workers handle all with integrity and humanity in their treatment-they recognize their individual interests, display kindness and consideration, and offer care in a manner that treats all patients equally.

Principle B

Nurses and nursing personnel take responsibility for the services they offer and respond to their own decisions and actions, performing these actions in a manner that is shared with their patients and their patient’s families and guardians, and in a way that follows the standards of their professional bodies and the legislation.

Principle C

In the areas they offer health care, nurses and nursing personnel handle risk, be vigilant about risk, and help to keep people safe.

Principle D

Nurses and nursing staff offer and support care that places people at the center including decision-making by patients, service recipients, their families, and their providers, and helps them make meaningful choices about their care and treatment.

Principle E

At the heart of the communication chain are nurses and nursing staff: they review, log and communicate on treatment and care, manage details sensitively and confidentially, efficiently cope with concerns, and are diligent in disclosing the things they are concerned with.

Principle F

Nurses and nursing workers have up-to-date expertise and skills and use them in compliance with the needs of each person in their care with intelligence, perspective, and comprehension.

Principle G

Nurses and nursing personnel collaborate together with their own team and other experts to ensure that the diagnosis and treatment of patients are organized, are of a high quality, and have the best possible impact.

Principle H

For starters, nurses and nursing workers lead by example, improve themselves and other personnel, and affect the way care is delivered in a manner that is transparent and listens to individual needs.

It is the duty of nurses to recognize ethical concerns affecting staff members and patients, and they are also responsible for advising staff members and impacted consumers about ethical issues that can and do with affected customer service.

The American Nurses Association’s Code of Ethics, for example, contains parts that focus and speak to activism, cooperation with others, the protection of client welfare, the equality and value of all human beings, the prevention of all discrimination, responsibility, the preservation of patients’ rights, such as integrity, discretion and privacy, etc.

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