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Essay: The global financial crisis

Sample Essay Since the year 2007, the world has experienced a major setback in the economy as a whole. This condition is commonly referred to as the Global Financial Crisis. This effect emanated because of liquidity shortfall in the banking system of the United States. This has lead to closure of many businesses around the world including big multinational like the American insurance group (AIG). This down turn of economic events have fully been transmitted to the common citizens in almost all nations across the globe. As a result, consumer wealth have dropped making the standards of living poor with many countries have opting to borrowing from big financial institution such as the world bank to supplement their budgets. The overall impact is the changes in the way we spend available money however scarce it may be. (more…)

Essay: Wealth Management

Sample Essay The wealth management division is centered to the Citigroup Private Bank that provides high-net worth clients with advisory and trust maintenance services. The package of services include managing relationships with clients and referring them to other divisions to obtain the product they need which are offered Citi. Statistically, this segment of Citi maintains 290 specialists in over 30 countries with a network of 470 professionals. (more…)

Essay: Nature of social security fund investments

Sample Essay Usually, the Social Security funds are specially invested in the federal securities and in long-term bonds. However, in 1997, there was a government advisory panel proposal which required that some of the revenues should be invested in bonds and stocks in order to generate higher earnings. Although this seemed a good idea, the panel was highly divided over the decision whether the money was to be invested by individuals or government. There was a disagreement on the money which was to be shifted from government bonds. (more…)

Essay: The subprime mortgage industry

Sample Essay However, due to the nature of business lines and global economic challenges (Barry and Joel, 2003), Citi had exposure to the subprime mortgage industry and its crisis did not leave Citigroup financially comfortable. But instead the mortgage crisis made Citigroup to loose money suffering considerable losses in 2007. Sadly, after Citigroup various transactions involving write-offs and write-downs  on many of its collateralized debt obligations and mortgage-backed securities, the net income yielded was $3.6 billion a decline from $21.5 billion representing 83 percent fall compared to previous financial year 2006 (refer to table 1). (more…)

Essay: History and background of Domino Pizza

Sample Essay Domino Pizza is the second largest pizza chain in U.S with its headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the United States. Domino Pizza was started by two brothers, James and Tom Monaghan, who purchased a small pizza store by the name of DomiNick’s.  This store was located in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The down payment was only $75 and $500 for paying for the store. (more…)

Essay: Psychographic Segmentation

Sample Essay The other strategy for segmentation is the psychographics. It is a mixture of psychology and demographics, and is used in order to understand consumers’ lifestyle based on the demographic characteristics and customers’ cognitive elements. It is clearly possible that within the same demographics consumers’ lifestyles, values and norms may differ and vary from person to person (Kotler, Keller 13th Ed). (more…)

Essay: The Positive Impacts of Advertising

On average each American is exposed to approximately 500 advertisements every day. Despite many people have focused on negative impacts of advertising such as it persuades consumers to buy a product that they may not need; however, there are also several positive impacts of advertising. In several circumstances, advertising has delivered social messages for instance, “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk”, and at the same time, it is useful for fostering competition and innovation. (more…)

Research Paper: Necessity of Insurance

The general meaning of insurance is “a safeguard against financial losses or setbacks” that could happen accidentally, or due to some unforeseen circumstances beyond ordinary human control. Literally, anything and everything can be insured be it property, life, professional assets like the voice of a singer, the legs of a professional sportsman or anything that a person can think of, that is valuable and which is the major component for the person’ livelihood. The main reason that people insure themselves, their properties or cargoes or any other things is to be protected from any risks that may occur in the future, and in case of accidents and improbability. (more…)

Term Paper: Economic Globalization

Economic globalization is the increasing economic integration and interdependence of national, regional and local economies across the world through an intensification of cross-border movement of goods, services, technologies, and capital. Whereas globalization is a broad set of processes concerning multiple networks of economic, political and cultural interchange, contemporary economic globalization is propelled by the rapid growing significance of information in all types of productive activities and marketing, and by developments in science and technology. (more…)