Prolific Dissertation Topics in Human Resources Management

The discipline of Human Resources Management (HRM) is the broad study of practices and activities that enhance the proper administration of the employees in an organization. Some of the issues that affect employees in a work environment include recruitment, compensation, performance management, training, other benefits, and incentives, motivation, communication, and industrial relations. This multi-disciplinary subject emphasizes that human beings are the most valuable assets in an organization (regardless of their different levels) and should be treated with respect and dignity. Since HRM is wide, there are many topics that a student can decide to work on for his/her dissertation. It is always advisable for the student to choose a topic from an interesting area of focus. Some of the main HR functions which powerful dissertations can be derived from are:-
  1. HR theory
  2. Training and development
  3. HR as the last competitive advantage
  4. Appraisal
  5. Culture
  6. Strategic HR
  7. Challenging HR
  8. Performance management
  9. Motivation
  10. Diversity
The above functions are supported by the famous 10 “Cs” in HRM – cost-effectiveness, credibility, communication, coherence, competitive advantage, creativity, competitiveness, competence, change, and commitment. At Custom Essay Dorm, we have great proficient writers who can work with you to come up with innovative, attention-seeking topics for your HRM dissertation. Some of the prolific dissertation topics in Human Resources Management in our listing include:-
  • The impact of time management on organizational productivity
  • Is HR valued?
  • What skills are indispensable for today’s turbulent times?
  • Taylorism versus HR
  • Why bother, I will catch the next trend
  • Does workforce motivation boost productivity?
  • Comparison of HR models
  • HR substituted personnel, is there any substitute for HR?
  • Does HR really work?
  • Does training outweigh short-term monetary savings?
  • Recruiting to change the culture
  • Who trains the trainer – the continuous cycle
  • What is the appraisal fair?
  • It’s the way we do it around here
  • Variants of discrimination and diversity
That notwithstanding, our level of creativity is without measure.  These are not the topics we work on exclusively, but we are always in the business of crafting new ones and fine-tuning them per your specifications. Your campus advisor may never help to select a topic and neither might you be sure about your guts. We find you in this kind of rut, we fix your situation and you’re good to go. Don’t be a passive reader; the ball is in your court now. Rise up and make an appointment with us and start your destiny on a sure foot!
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