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Writing an academic document is simply gathering the information and presenting your ideas on a piece of paper. The difficult part which arises in a speech paper is the aspect of delivering your opinions in front of a live audience. This means that the speech writing paper would have to be drafted in accordance with the characteristics of what type of audience would you be facing. You can not just write without knowing what audience you would be delivering your speech in front of, so this is an important factor. For example, in a class of fifth-graders, you would use ideas and thoughts which would relate to the children’s own thinking. The speech would also need to be a simple draft with easy words and concepts. The difference in delivering a speech to professional delegates would require technical jargon as the professional audience would be acquainted with the difficult terms so there would be no need to explain them. There could be other scenarios as well where you may want to discuss concepts and ideas with all types of people. In that case, you may want to include all types of information which would be general to all the people.


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