Essay: The Positive Impacts of Advertising

On average each American is exposed to approximately 500 advertisements every day. Despite many people having focused on the negative impacts of advertising such as it persuades consumers to buy a product that they may not need; however, there are also several positive impacts of advertising.

In several circumstances, advertising has delivered social messages for instance, “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk”, and at the same time, it is useful for fostering competition and innovation. Organizations pay for advertisements to convey a message through mass media in an attempt to persuade the target audience for liking a brand, develop a positive behavior or intend to make a purchase. While some small businesses do not have sufficient funds to finance their advertising expenditures, the resulting advantages are often worth it.

The primary objective of advertising is to create awareness about the existence or introduction of products. Effective advertisements help firms to make customers familiar with the brand and products. Repeated advertisements are useful for companies as it enables the audience to recall them when needed. Many companies advertise their brands to induce sales and revenues immediately.

For instance, organizations can advertise their sales promotion such as discount coupons to build a customer base. Thus, the main source of revenue is through sales to customers. In order to generate sales and revenues, it is imperative for organizations to inform about their existence through effective advertisements.

Small and Medium Enterprises need to understand the importance of advertisements. This has been an effective communication method for organizations to deliver their message to a huge audience.

 Organizations get feedback in the form of increased sales revenues for investing their money in advertising. Although many companies develop new and unique products to meet consumer needs; however, if these products and services are not effectively advertised; consumers will never know about their existence.

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