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Essay: The nature of sociological theorizing

Sample Essay Sociological theories of criminology explain crime causation in terms of the social environment that family, school, community, workplace, peer group, and society. There are three major sociological theories of crime and delinquency which are strain, social learning, and control theories that offer explanation to crime activities and criminals from a sociological perspective. The nature of sociological theorizing tends to focus on the features of the social environment that causes crime and criminals. (more…)

Essay: The major US military operations in the pacific theatre

Sample Essay The pacific theater of operation experienced many battles in the pacific region during the Second World War. This theater was used by the US to initiate its major attacks around the pacific region Japan included. The theater experienced a number of battles, which included the famous Iwo Jima and Okinawa in February 19 1945 and April 1 1945 respectively (Basil, 118). Other battles that took place within this period include battles of Kwajalein, and Eniwetok (Gilbert and Marshall islands). The battle of Okinawa was given a code name of operation iceberg and it took place in Ryukyu Islands. It is one of the most amphibious battles t and lasted for 82 days. (more…)

Essay: The purpose of the social initiative

Sample Essay The indicated purpose of the social initiative was to develop a defined social construct with a cohesive outcome based on the comprehensive contribution of each individual within the culture of the decision makers and policy developers.   The established, counterproductive culture of the social initiative contrasting “irrational” processes” and its established, counterproductive culture,  consequentially elicited a “group think” precept that depended on the contribution of each participant’s individual’s culture.  This “group think” precept called for a necessary cultural collaboration of individual contributions and perspectives, to guide and develop a finalized remedy for the “irrational” process.  This remedy was necessary to adhere to the overall purpose of constructing a social initiative despite contrasting conflicts. (more…)

Essay: The link between Morality and God

Sample Essay As noted above the link between morality and God confirms the belief in most claims that there exists a necessary connection between morality and religion. It had been outlined earlier that there is such a thing as Christian morality. In this view, no God, no morality therefore, God becomes the measure of what is morally right or morally wrong. Moral teachings suffice from quoting the scripture especially the Ten Commandments and the Gospel according to Christ’s Gospel. For instance, a group of people will condemn acts of fornication or adultery as morally wrong because one of the commandments forbids adultery. In deed, it is written that you shall not commit adultery. (more…)

Essay: The law of negligence

Sample Essay The clinical negligence law requires four basics, which include:
  1. The burden of proof where proof that the doctor was negligent lies upon the complainant
  2. The duty of care which implies that there should be no difficulty in proving that the doctor was negligent
  3. The standard of proof which is a test of whether a claim can be proved using probability
  4. Injury causation used to determine whether the doctor actually failed thus causing injuries pointed out.

Essay: The extent of domestic violence

Sample Essay The extent of domestic violence is a far more pervasive experience for women victims than it may be indicated by police statistics. However, efforts that are needed to estimate its actual occurrence and prevalence is hampered by methodological challenges and reluctance of women, men or children to disclose or/and report abuse due to loyalty, embarrassment or fear. In UK there is no dedicated national survey dealing with collecting, recording, analyzing and disseminating of statistics related to domestic violence and violence against women. (more…)

Essay: The formulation of English Criminal justice system

Sample Essay The formulation of the English common law begun with the introduction of the Mens Rea principle after the fourth Lateran conference in 1215, in the time of reforms dubbed Gregorian (Barry et al. 2008, P. 21). This phrase was used to mean “having a guilty mind” or having an intention to commit crime. Between the year 1220 and 1240, Brackton a man who was serving as a clerk for a renowned judge called Releigh prescribed a criminal law that has influenced the European criminal justice system for over 550 years (24). The Roman theory of Culpa which implied “a fault” and the then constant emphasis by the Catholic Church on moral guilt really influenced this decision. These proposals were not new to the people then but were facilitated by the reforms that were being executed by the Catholic Church all over the region in terms of theological structures. (more…)

Essay: The global financial crisis

Sample Essay Since the year 2007, the world has experienced a major setback in the economy as a whole. This condition is commonly referred to as the Global Financial Crisis. This effect emanated because of liquidity shortfall in the banking system of the United States. This has lead to closure of many businesses around the world including big multinational like the American insurance group (AIG). This down turn of economic events have fully been transmitted to the common citizens in almost all nations across the globe. As a result, consumer wealth have dropped making the standards of living poor with many countries have opting to borrowing from big financial institution such as the world bank to supplement their budgets. The overall impact is the changes in the way we spend available money however scarce it may be. (more…)

Essay: The Green Movement

Sample Essay Frederick (1995) holds that the green movement is a movement where you not only do well for the planet for the sake of humans but also for the sake of the planet itself. That’s to say that you start from the whole of the globe and talk about the ecosystems, trying to keep them healthy as a value in itself. (more…)