Essay: Restorative Justice—Antisocial Behaviors

Sample Essay

It is defined as rehabilitation approach that deals with offence, whereby parties involved come together with objective of resolving the conflicts between the parties. Despite the description that victims and offenders come together in presence of mediators, victims are not necessarily involved in the process. Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act in UK introduced Referral orders to young people aged between 10 and 17 who were first time convicted, where restorative justice process took place by referring youths to specialized panel. The Youth Justice Board formed restorative justice schemes known as Family Group Conferencing in favor of youths.

Restoration was measured with agreement that youths involved will not commit the offence again. The process is only positive when the offence is one and is still under consideration. The use of the approach is only acceptable when agreements are made by ensuring that victim and local agency provides positive environment for an offender to acknowledge his/her social deviance , recognize its negative impact on others and agree to stop social disorder  by engaging himself to acceptable activities (Rubin et al., 2006). Halt Scheme was introduced to whereby offenders were given a chance to work or pay the damage to rectify their mistakes. The approach was effective in reducing recidivism, young people ceased to commit crimes.  Family Group Conferencing is effective and acceptable restoration justice since youths were not taken to courts or custody. Youth and family members were involved in decision making thus, ensuring that they were accountable and responsible for the social deviance.

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