Essay: Research work on sociological theories

Sample Essay

From these research work of sociological theories made with the help of these six great sociologist (Adolph Quetelet in his book “the propensity of crime, Durkheim in his book “The division of labor in society” Park, Burgess, and McKenzie in “The City” Delinquency areas by thrasher in the “The gang”

Merton-Social Structure and anomi, Sellin- Culture, conflict, and crime) with almost similar interest of study, we have jointly use them to see ho social actions and processes generally affects the life of people in their location, we have seen how climate, poverty, education, and alcohol consumption,  influences social life also, we see the fight of individualism and the promotion of division of labor to promote a sustainable social life in a locality and how unemployment can lead to crime with the fact that gangs also result from these facts also. Therefore with the success of these research work on sociological theories, it will be nice to suggest that education is the only way of crime reduction as it will reduce poverty and all other social vices in different societies.

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