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Essay: The law of negligence

Sample Essay The law of negligence is described as a failure to take appropriate steps to prevent hurting or harming another person. The method of proving negligence consists of four stages. A health professional's quality of treatment is that which can be required of a fairly qualified practitioner of that specialty. The health professional's acts would be compared to the norm. The word "negligence" is distinct from "mistake" or "misjudgment." The very evidence that a treatment risk existed or that a desirable patient result was not reached does not mean neglect. This test has the functional effect that if a person prefers to have a general practitioner conduct surgery or prescribe general anesthesia, the person cannot demand the level of competence that a professional surgeon or anesthetist would offer. However, whether the general doctor appears to be a specialist in surgery or anesthesia, the patient may be able to expect special care. (more…)

Is Euthanasia the Right Practice?

Is Euthanasia the Right Practice? Euthanasia is also referred to as mercy killing in which a person with a terminal illness is deliberately put to death. Nobody can understand the pain a person with a fatal illness goes through.

Is Euthanasia the Right Practice?

One of the most deadly and fatal illnesses is cancer. It is a deadly disease that can often prove to be fatal if not diagnosed and treated in its earlier stage. Over the years scientists and doctors have come up with different methods to treat cancer but uncertainty is still there even with high hopes that it can be cured if diagnosed and treated earlier. (more…)

Essay: Budgetary Control

The federal government does not need to impose all the mandates on the public organizations. It would rather decide to impose the mandates to lower level government implying that the lower level government will be given the responsibility of budgetary control. In this case, the situation will be worse because the lower level government is close to the origination and therefore their intervention will be of great impact. (more…)

Essay: The Legal Enforcement Action of the FAA

For the purposes of protecting the safety of the traveling public as well as furthering public interest, the FAA has the power of issuing an emergency order to forbid a pilot from operating a specific flight if the aircraft has a particular pilot or pilots or to suspend the certificate of a pilot so as to maximize the safety of flight of civil aircraft. This can be achieved either verbally or in writing.


Essay: Lynch v. Fisher

The above is not what happened in Lynch v. Fisher, because if the driver of the truck could have been more careful by parking the truck off the road then the accident could not have occurred. Since everyone ought to be responsible for his actions, the driver of the truck through his insurance should have been held responsible. However, Gunter’s actions cannot be held responsible for the wound that were suffered by the plaintiff because Gunter was in a delirium that was caused by the accident. Although, Gunter should have been more careful by driving carefully, he could not have caused an accident if the truck was not parked at the middle of the road.


Essay: Mental Awareness

In the case of Lynch v. Fisher, it is of paramount importance to note that the state of mind of Mr. Gunter, which was caused by the accident, led to him injuring an innocent person. If the accident had not occurred, which was caused by the negligence of the truck driver, and then Gunter would not have short the plaintiff. However, since the truck driver causes the accident, the plaintiff chose to sue the insurance company of the truck because the truck was the proximate cause of the accident (Surhone, Timpledon, & Marseken, 2010).


Essay: Proximate causation

Iara Quintana, Plaintiff-Appellant, was knocked down by a vehicle as she crossed a street that did not have street lighting. The city of Chicago was found not to have done anything wrong because the causal of the accident was not entirely on the inoperative traffic lights. The inoperative traffic lights were a just a condition that could have led to an accident but things were made different by the conduct of the drivers.


Essay: Derdiarian v Felix Contracting Corp

On the other hand, in the case of Brian Quirke, as the plaintiff and the city of Harvey as the defendant, an accident occurred because the traffic lights were not lit. However, although the supplier had switched off the lights, the driver of the jeep that was carrying Quirke did not slow down although he had noticed that the traffic lights were inoperative. Although the fact that the traffic lights were off, was just a condition that could have led to the accident it could not be a proximate cause of the accident. The driver of the vehicle, Michael Cain should have realized that the lights were off and as a result, take actions to ensure that chances of an accident were limited by, for example driving slowly.


Essay: Based Policing and Law Enforcement

Sample Essay By and large the social identities play a significant role in the policing approach applied by the security intelligence. It is worth noting that, whenever there a social group is established it is accompanied by beliefs and set of guidelines which in turn govern these groups. Crowd course of action is not merely spontaneous nor does it take place in a vacuum. It is characterized by strict conformity of certain beliefs and regulations within the group (Thompson 1971; Reddy 1977; Davis 1978). (more…)