Essay: Global Model of Women Leadership

Sample Essay

Women, over the years have greatly portrayed their leadership prowess in a number of ways. They have actively played central roles in ensuring that their importance in the society is well understood. Elevating the economic status of the society:- they say when you educate a woman you educate the whole family. The same can be said to politics. Women tend to know the problems experienced by people in the grass root level in a much better and faster way compared to most male leaders (McWhorter, 2003). They tend to address such issues more effectively than the male counterparts.

Politics have also had its share role example through which women have portrayed their ability to lead. Even though it’s a monarch, Queen Elizabeth has for a long indicated that women have even a better intellectual capacity to lead and ensure that vices such as corruption and other forms of mismanagement of resources are eradicated for the betterment of the subject being lead. It is evident from the study carried out in a number of organizations and the available secondary resources of information that women are more difficult to be corrupt especially when it comes to issues affecting normal citizen. Women also have a greater sense of accountability. Women are more open when it comes to public spending. This is evident that women are more honest than their male counterparts (Greengard, 1999, pp.4-8). The diversity in culture, race and educational background ensures that better development and growth in leadership standards in both men and women is enhanced.

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