Essay: Women and their leadership roles in society

Sample Essay

Women and their leadership roles in society entail a number of issues. In order to deeply understand the role played by women in society at different levels, a number of issues need to be considered. The dynamic nature of leadership and other related activities demands a proper understanding of issues that mainly controls activities in society. Specific marketing strategies need to put up in order for certain needs to be addressed. In this research a number of research materials related to women and leadership have been discussed (Thompson, 2003). A clear and in-depth understanding of some of the challenges that face women in their lives have also been discussed in order for the researcher to have a clear understanding of some of the challenges that mainly hinder the women to prosper in some professions (Bickel, 2004).

Despite the many challenges that are currently faced by women, it is very evident that women would always play a central role towards ensuring growth and constant development in families, business organizations among other spheres of life (Carlyle, 1984; Heifetz, 1994). According to the previous research and journals written by the key human right activists and other interest groups there is clear assurance that women need to be supported by men in order to ensure that all avenues of leadership are exploited by women for the common good of the society in which they exist in (Iwai, 1993, pp.103-120).

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