Essay: British army during the Chauri-Chaura Incident

Sample Essay

The happenings had disoriented the British Army which saw the Indians as being too hard to control. In this respect, they wanted to go back to their homeland (Shahid 205).

Their interpretation therefore was that the time for relinquishing power to the daring Indians had come, that Indians were deeply in need of self-governance.

     The interpretations of men and women largely depended on their classes. The peasantry saw the event as a strong exacting of their faculties in their quest to gain freedom, get better lives and escape from mistreatments meted upon them by the British colonizers (Shahid 210). Nothing much can be said of the petty bourgeois who saw the struggled as an attempt to deprive them of their class.

  In conclusion, while it is of dire need to look at how different categories of people interpreted the Chauri-Chaura event, the aftermaths of these events cannot be underestimated. It is through these aftermaths that we get the full impact and interpretation of various people on the event, how they interpreted it and the general path followed by the populace and the Colonizers after the event.

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