Essay: Weakness of the postmodernist approach

Sample Essay

Another weakness of the postmodernist approach in analyzing Los Angeles is found in the notion of multiple conceptualization of knowledge in resolution of urban issues. This approach supports heavily the idea that all the fragmentations found in a city are best addressed using various approaches. As such, there exists a division of intervention strategies which increasingly extends the proliferation of the society.

Fulton (2001, p.283) explains that a major consequence of postmodernism is the vast fragmentations which fashion such cities like Los Angeles. This city has been emitting a majority of such negative consequences with increased sprawling and urban desolation. Other effects of this have been the development of individualistic ideologies which prompt groups to shield themselves from other people’s problems and further ignore their predicaments. Los Angeles is a city whose sense of community seems to be disintegrating entirely. It is not just a society which has developed beneficial subdivisions but one whose subdivisions support disunity. Subjecting the postmodernist approach to Los Angeles may further augment the society. Instead, Los Angeles requires an approach which largely insists the harmonization of people and the collective formulation of solutions to urban issues.

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