Essay: Who are victims

Sample Essay

According to Garkawe, S. (2000) Victims are those who experiences assault. Murder, rape, robbery and burglary, loss or hardship subjected to them. The case study from Jailed: “A very damaged young man” and “Tragic past translates to stolen future”.  Defines victims a:

The victimization suggested here shows that individuals become victim of several circumstances caused by themselves or the surroundings and measured by several factors Australian Bureau of Statistics (2002). The case explains; Matthew Stuart Pearce (28) became generally victimized by the natural catastrophes which were beyond his control during his childhood. General victimization is whereby a person has suffered physical, financial or emotional damages and had experiences of their property taken, occurrence of terrific events and natural calamities.

He subjected himself to juvenile delinquency victimization by becoming own victim through abuse of drugs to evade the harsh circumstances he was going through and associating with people of no help to him.

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