Essay: Thong/g-string

Sample Essay

The thong is the epitome of sexual appeal since it covers the groin area only leaving the rear completely uncovered. Notice how in darkness it can be confused with floss (speaker should show visual……….). It is so light and the sexual appeal is just too obvious that is why it is preferred by the dancers, strippers and young women. As earlier mentioned, the thong originated from Brazil in 1979 as a swimming costume.

The design brought in enormous sales such that the designers started to experiment it with sheer material as underwear. The thong should be worn with high waist clothes so as not to reveal the whale tail it forms but today’s fashion has made it deliberate. According to Dressel the column writer for Instyle Magazine, the era of thongs was highly boosted by the thong song by the singer Sisqo in 1999.

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