Essay: Today’s history

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Today’s history is surrounded with past crime realities that were marked by horror and destruction caused by socially terrible ideologies that are socially considered invalid. As the world learns to come term with this bitter reality, Shoa case is an outstanding one characterized by the Nazi Party and their extermination of the Jews. The Nazi party lead by Hitler, justified their extermination of Jew on the premise that the Jews were “socially undesirable”. Such sentiments to a larger extend helps today’s criminology scholars to explore how ordinary people can through persuasion, propaganda, or coercion commit genocide.

In examining the horror and destruction caused by terrible ideologies of Nazi party and the implementation of the Final Solution, various competing explanations have been put forward in attempt to offer explanations to the Shoa holocaust. The forwarded explanations theoretical foundation is based on social psychological theories which examine: social groups, individuals, environment and social structures that lead to Shoa genocide. However, the outstanding question remains to be how appropriate and relevant are these explanations in providing a compelling and a more accurate explanation with minimal errors. In responding to this substantial question that invites inquiry, this paper find it’s worth a study curiosity. In this regard, this paper shall evaluate the competing explanations to Shoa genocide as placed forward explanations for: engagement or participation and sustaining engagement in mass crime.

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