Essay: Theories of Social Change

Sample Essay

It is believed that the height of development has a collateral achievement motivation. However, this achievement motivation varies from one community to the next. In traditional societies, the individual’s status is constant. Children become conformists in that their actions seek to conform to the set standards; failure to conform to the set standards can lead to punishment. In such instances children rarely act out of conviction since they do what the society has taught or what the society demands of them.

However, whenever a powerful and influential system is established the status quo is weakened. Here, a whole human emancipation takes place and as such there is a tendency to abandon the old system. For example, the children decide to free themselves from the old system of norms and customs and instead become more open to new ideas, beliefs and behavioral patterns. Creativity and innovativeness emerge hence contributing a great deal to the economic prosperity of the entire society. These children later become the leaders and opinion shapers in the society and this brings development economically, politically, and socially.

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