Essay: Roles and responsibility of the project manager

Sample Essay

Being the initiator, owner and originator of the dissertation topic, I am the project manager. That implies that I will be entitled to all the roles and responsibilities of the project manager. I will be in charge of all the team members, the PST, and thus ensure that accountability and authority is defined. I am also responsible to select the core team to form the PST and derive the definition of the project.

As a manager, I will not be different from the other general managers and therefore I will perform the major roles of managers namely leading, organizing, controlling, monitoring and authorizing. In order to prepare for any risks that may arise, I should be familiar with and able to employ the risks management and assessment strategies. I am also responsible for the allocation of the roles and responsibilities of the team members. With the help of the PST, the project manager should be able to secure the resources. He has to monitor their use and maintain their usage to ensure that they are sufficient. I will also manage the performance of all the parties involved to deliver the desired project results (ProjectSmart).

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