Essay: Murder committed by Oedipus the king

Sample Essay

The fact that the murder to be committed by Oedipus was prophesized can be argued that was necessary to happen. Since it is believed that prophecies should be true, this prophecy of Oedipus killing his father and sleeping with his mother had to happen. This prophecy could only become true with Oedipus killing and this being a tragedy; it was the main reason for all the tragedies happening in the area. Thebes are dying because the prophecy had to be fulfilled. There was no way Oedipus could resist such prophecy. Fate and situation led to the murder of Laius.

After Oedipus learns of the murder he is about to commit, he runs away thinking that he is running away from it. Nevertheless, fate makes Oedipus commit the murder. He finds himself in a situation in which he has to defend his life from the group of thieves he meets on his way as he is escaping. He manages to kill all of the thieves and it happens that his father was among the gang.

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