Essay: Mutual Product Recognition

Sample Essay

The roadmap to attaining this drive was only through employing, MPR (mutual product recognition). In this regard, mutual product recognition aimed at reducing the barrier to the product of member states from selling in any other member state of which it is not of its origin. Therefore, MPR would facilitate free selling of the products in all member states without obstruction. For instance, goods produced in UK could not sale freely in other member states.

More practical, Danish beer could not be sold in Germany barricaded by brewing laws dating back to the fourteenth century. However, such protective brewing laws could be removed to make Europe a free market as member countries would remove national laws and standards which discriminated against products by prohibiting their sale with adoption of mutual product recognition. MPR did not however include harmonization of trade practices amongst member countries, but only focused on maximising European trade by removing national level barriers blocking free trade (Servais 2008: 219).

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