Essay: Managing culturally diverse teams-voting

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Further, the concept of voting during disagreements has also been contested by Bucher (2009 p. 66). In this respect, it can be argued that allowing a team leader to try to attain some form of balance or getting the members to vote undermines the concept of fusion. It is because this would compromise the inclusion of the views of the minority in critical decision making. To counter this, it would be imperative to employ democratic form of leadership that gives every party a chance to identify the differences and develop ways that the same can be fused with the rest of the team’s ideal without impacting on individuality.

Critical studies also argue that presentation of the approach by Gwynne is very descriptive. He has not provided a practical scenario that can employ the approach. In his consultative research, Bucher (2009, p. 69) indicate that application of the conceptions to real life scenarios can be tricky especially in cases where the degree of heterogeneity is high. Thus in order to e more effective, the approach needed to be resented in a more practical manner.

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