Essay: Managing culturally diverse teams-analysis of case studies

Sample Essay

However, Gwynne does not provide an abstract and/or introduction that would present a summary of his review. His analysis of case studies does not provide the reader with sufficient background knowledge upon which his study is based. Further, he demonstrates a significant degree of bias as he refers to very few authors throughout the text. Notably, this greatly undermines the credibility of his assumptions (Moran, Philip & Sarah, 2007, p. 44).

However, the content of his review is relevant and in line with the thesis. He provides a concrete justification of the fusion approach in addressing cultural differences in management. This is further backed up with various examples that ascertain the effectiveness of the approach in past incidences. Finally, by identifying anticipated gaps and bridging the same accordingly, it can be argued that the author presents an approach that can be effectively employed in solving cultural differences when working with culturally diverse teams. Nevertheless, Gwynne fails to provide a clear conclusion with regard to addressing cultural diversity at the organizational level.

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