Essay: Life after prison-possibilities of misinterpreting data

Sample Essay

Possibilities of misrepresenting data by either commission or omission were completely avoided. This was by ensuring that all necessary ethics concerning data collection were observed. Proper guidelines were provided to maintain the best of professional integrities without fearing or favoring a particular format of data collection, but sticking to the already predetermined methods.

This step ensures that ‘the research was objective to the required standards and that data is of the best quality and therefore reliable’ (Kimmel, 1988, p. 119). Ex-offenders are not warmly welcome by any society as there are many suspicions on individual’s code of conduct, which is assumed by many as negative irrespective of whether the individual is well rehabilitated or not. Secondly, it would be more harmful to expose such personal details to the people living round these people. There was the need to instill more confidence in the respondents before the actual exercise for better quality data. This fact assisted much in building self-confidence in the respondent therefore avoiding exaggerating information from respondents.

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